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HOSOYA Fermentation System
For Poultry & Pig manure

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Fermenting Rotaty Machine (F1)

Worldwide manure management has become an urgent problem for poultry farms around the world.

Solutions need to be found to prevent the pollution of the soil, of the air and especially of the ground water.

A further economical aspect is to reduce the regular high costs of manure management.

The Hosoya Manure Fermenting and Drying System allows you to maximize your profits with the help of the produced manure.

At the Poultry Research Farm Hosoya optimized a technically perfect system for manure management and commercialization.

Unlike common air-drying or composting procedures the Hosoya Fermenting System is split up in two phases.

In the process fresh manure with a solid content of approximately 25% is changed into high-quality natural fertilizer with a solid content of about 80-85% and a high organic component content.

After a three week fermentation time this final product, whether packed or in bulk, can be sold as a pure natural fertilizer, recommended use for fruit, vegetable and wine growing, floriculture and horticulture.

For further information and a detailed brochure please contact Hosoya Head Office.

Endless fermentation system "F-1"

 for Fermenting and Drying

F-1 system treats large quantity of manure and changes them to organic fertilizer using bacteria activity. F-1 system which agitator runs on oval tank has several unique advantages like

Easy moisture adjustment, well fermentation, Easy automation,

Less maintenance, Fine products.

Also F-1 system changes manure to granule fertilizer, then it is no need to use pellet machine.

F-1 Tank

Easy moisture adjustment

* Our endless system can adjust moisture level automatically by controlling quantity of return manure.

Well fermentation

* Fermentation bacteria can increase in F-1 tank anytime.

* At the output of F-1 tank, approx 1/3 manure is take out and 2/3 manure is returned to the system, and mixed with fresh manure then manure is to stay long time in the tank and well fermented.

* Fermentation bacteria in returned manure makes start fermentation of fresh manure very fast.

Easy automation

* Our system can adjust moisture level automatically by controlling quantity of return manure. By using conveyer for fresh manure input and processed manure output, the system can be fully automatic.


Less maintenance

* HOSOYA system has twin rotor system with auxiliary rotor. The auxiliary rotor supports main rotor, then over loading of main rotor is reduced and it reduces trouble of main rotor.


Fine products

* Percentage of granule is very high and foam of granule is good too.

Key points of F-1 tank

"F-2" for Final Drying

F-2 system is used for final drying to produce premium quality fertilizer.

The tank is equipped with aeration system in the bottom and both of agitating and aeration hasten drying process.

Drying Straight Machine (F2)

F-2 Tank

The 3 steps for changing manure to premium quarity organic fertilizer

Premium quality 100% organic fertilizer

made of poultry or pig manure by HOSOYA fermentation system shows the following remarkable features

* High content of organic substance, therefore, continuous fertility


* Nutrient and permanent humus components, therefore, full biological activity


* Compound fertilizer effect due to vegetable nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium hydroxide, lime and important activity


* Strong swelling capacity, therefore, soil loosening and water-absorbent


* handy, dust-free granules which are easy to spread