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Windowless Poultry House

This poultry house is designed employing the principle of "positive pressure vertical ventilation" that was developed by Hosoya. Due to this system, air pressure is uniform in the entire house and fresh air is spread in an equal amount throughout the battery room.

Air loop in positive pressyre vertical ventilation
Fig.1 Ventilating air loop
Fig.2 Cross section of henhouse
Fig.3 Air is ventilated from the gable at one end of the house

The ventilation system also guarantees constant temperature even in the hottest summer season.

This way, Hosoya`s Windowless Poultry House offers great benefits such as the zero mortal rate of hens due to heat, no more eggs with reduced weight and large size eggs even in the summer season for increased profits.

Another advantage is the clean and odorless environment in Hosoya`s A-line windowless henhouse, seen at Hosoya Poultry Research Farm where bacteria tests are conducted 25 times a year.

Following the fact that the premises have tested always negative for general bacteria and salmonellas the Hosoya Windowless Poultry House is highly credited for this sterility.

A-line six-tier battery house
for adult hens
Unique air
Air loop Vinyl