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President's Message

Welcome to our web site. Owing to the support and cooperation of many customers and a lot of people we could enjoy the 50th establishment anniversary. Taking this opportunity we would like to express our sincere thankfulness for them.

Our former president, Mr. Minoru Hosoya, my grandfather, had a thought of using motors to feed layers automatically hinted by his wife's hard work. It was the origin of our business. He could success to contribute to help farmers save a lot of such hard labour work as feeding by hands.

Nowadays, motors are normally used in poultry houses though nobody thought of this idea to use motors in poultry houses because of so dusty enviroment at that time.

The automatic feeding system which was invented by him was admired greatly and he was awarded "The Science and Technology Prize" by Japanese government agency.

After that, we have grown up step by step together with the general economic growth. In the meantime, our line of products, staff and recently president have changed as the time went by.

However, we have been continuously taking over our thought to next generation since the establishment in 1958, contributing to improve the social status of the poultry business world with pitty recognition of hard, dirty and risky business.

We've been running Poultry Research Farm together with the Development and Supply of Poultry Equipments.

We'd like to further contribute to the poultry business world as only one company that is capable of utilizing synergy effect which is available by combing the needs from our farm and the field test of the new product at our farm.

Eggs are indispensable basic food in human life. Nothing is more nourishing and multi-usable than eggs. It can be said that egg production is one of the basic industries. We'll challenge to another 50 years, with the dream of "Interface with Foods".

Finally, we would again like to thank you for what you have done for our organization and hope that you will continue to favor us with your generous support.

November, 2007